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26.07.2013 21:00


On the 22nd of June 2013 in the city of Kuala Lumpur by initiative of Asian and Pan-American Federation of SAMBO was held the conference “Perspectives of universal development of SAMBO and main universal principles of IOC of honest management of Olympic and sport movement”. Everybody who wasn’t indifferent to perspective of development of SAMBO responded to this first in the history of FIAS international meeting, where were discussed openly issues that worry world sambist community at the moment. To the discussion were invited all representatives of national federations of SAMBO, all members of Executive Committee, the President and General secretary.

Leaders of worldwide sport movement supported and sent their best wishes to participants of events. (You can read the appeal of the founder of FIAS- Fernando Compte to participants of this meeting, clicking the following link: http://sambo.com/welcome-words-from-fernando-compte).

In the conference took part the heads of national federations, who have active position, who do what they say and promise, and all their course of life is “self-defense without weapon”. As a result the conference stated deep crisis in the management of FIAS, which the Statutes of FIAS ignores grossly and leads our organization to split. In order to avoid this and guiding by main universal principles of IOC of honest management of Olympic and sport movement all the heads of delegations almost unanimously (one participant abstained) voted for the holding of Extraordinary Congress of FIAS.

On the congress were discussed most urgent and topical issues about the development of SAMBO, and also about inadmissible management of international federation by present leadership of FIAS, that on the whole, and in details, doesn’t correspond to basic principles of IOC and the Statutes of FIAS.

By the majority of votes Extraordinary congress of FIAS took the decision to put an end to lawlessness of national federations of SAMBO and numerous violations of the Statutes of FIAS.

The paragraph 15 of the Statutes of FIAS says: “Congress is a superior organ of control of international federation of SAMBO (FIAS)… Congress has the following powers: to approve and adopt the programme of activity of international federation of SAMBO (FIAS) and the competition schedule; to elect president, general secretary, members of executive and control revision committees, members of other authorities of international federation of SAMBO (FIAS), and also to annul and cancel their powers at any time;

On this Congress the Powers of the president of FIAS V.B. Shestakov were canceled due to the loss of trust by the absolute majority of votes (two persons abstained).

Extraordinary Congress also considered urgent and vitally important to form a control-revision commission of FIAS, that has never been before, and charged it to make careful examination of violations that took place during the period from 2009 till 2013; and also to make the full audit of financial activity of FIAS for the passed period.

Taking into account all mentioned above, we address to You with a request not to react and respond to any orders and instructions of V.B.Shestakov. At the present time nor B.V.Shestakov, nor his employees don’t possess any rights and powers to realize and execute activity on the behalf of FIAS.

Communication and contact with the mentioned persons and execution of their instructions could be only of personal character. All administrative employees of former president of FIAS V.B. Shestakov are “illegal” and don’t have any connection with international federation of SAMBO. There is no any decision of the Congress or other document that provides these “employees” with the right to control and manage the activity of FIAS, only Executive Committee or the Congress of FIAS have this right.

According to paragraph 21.9 of the Statutes of FIAS, by the absolute majority of votes of Extraordinary Congress for the position of the President of FIAS was elected Mikhail Genrihovich Schultz who had been the vice-president of FIAS before.

Mikhail Schultz thanked the delegates of the Congress for the trust and assured that he would strictly and steadily follow the principles of democracy and strict compliance of the Statutes of FIAS.

The official website of FIAS remains web-site www.sambo.com  
You should send letters to FIAS by e-mail: mail@fias.org
The official emblem of FIAS is the emblem regulated by paragraph 3.3. of the Statutes of FIAS.

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В Литве прошел «Кубок Паланги» по САМБО

В Паланге, курортном городе Литвы, прошли финальные поединки «Кубка Паланги» по САМБО.

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Завершился командный чемпионат по боевому САМБО памяти В.И.Панкратова

13 мая 2014 года завершился командный чемпионат ГУ МВД России по г.Москве по боевому САМБО, памяти генерал-лейтенанта милиции В.И.Панкратова.

Двойной юбилей Евгения Глориозова
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Двойной юбилей Евгения Глориозова

6 апреля в спортивном комплексе МГУПИ торжественно завершилась спартакиада по самбо среди воспитанников детских домов, школ-интернатов и кадетских корпусов на призы профессора Евгения Глориозова.

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