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The curtain of the Universiade and Sambo competition in Kazan

17.07.2013 19:00

Palace of Sports "Tatneft-Arena" again rejoices. Final matches of the final day of Sambo competition in the Universiade revealed a complex battle of the Belarusian and French athletes. At the end of the bout Anastasia Arkhipova knocked advantage of 2 points, thereby ensuring her leadership in the weight 65 kilograms. It is not easy the victory went to Ilya Khlybov, who overcame a 1-0 Kazakh wrestlers. Well, Marina Mohnatkina for the audience with his usual aggressiveness and speed of submission move swiftly won the top award in a fight with Ukrainian athlete. Marina needed just 21 seconds to become a gold medalist of the World Summer Universiade.

Marina Mohnatkina, Russia: My opponent was worthy; we had already met several times. I was waiting for it, and in the course of the meetings in the final. My head has developed a plan of action. Thanks the hall I realized that it's fast.

Sergei Kiryuhin, Anastasia Kovyazina and Alexander Kuchumov continued the string of Russian victories. All athletes with one voice thank for the success of the incessant viewers.

Sergei Kiryuhin, Russia: I really enjoyed it, and, of course I loved the strong support of local spectators.

Anastasia Kovyazina, Russia: Public thank you so much! Generally tremendous support, especially at home, thank you so much for that.

Marina Mohnatkina, Russia: After the 1st, 2nd days when guys came with such emotion, even I had goose bumps when they said that the hall support is incredible. And today I felt it. Indeed, the hall helps. You drive on the mat, and they scream. This is the first time, it's a new experience. I participated in the World championship, European, such feelings I never had. Super. For Sambo, I think it's a great holiday.

Samantha Dacunha Kessler, Argentina: I've never been to the Olympics, so this Universiade was something special for me, like the Olympics. I am very happy.

The final day of Sambo competition at the Universiade did not show only the skill of Russian athletes, but also made it possible to see the international rising stars. It is not only representative of Argentina, but the wrestlers from France and Italy. Japan and Korea already safely are called as dangerous rival, as well as the CIS countries and other customary leaders Sambo.

Sergei Kiryuhin, Russia: The final, and of course, all fights are very heavy. At this level of competition it is not easy.

Anastasia Kovyazina, Russia: Emotionally and physically I was preparing for this event for a long time, so everything is fine.

Samantha Dakunya Kessler, Argentina: The hardest thing was to pass the first fight because I think the battle for the fight, I do not think once about the final. Therefore, the most difficult was the first fight, and then I gradually reached the finals.

Sambo competitions were culminated in the World Summer Universiade in Kazan. Steadfast leader of the tournament was the team of Russia. We congratulate all the participants of this truly historic event and we hope to see again in the next Universiade.

Grand point of the sports festival in Kazan was the closing ceremony at the stadium "Kazan-Arena". 45,000 spectators witnessed the fateful moment. After greeting volunteers, athletes and artists Universiade flag was handed over to representatives of Korea. In 2015, athletes will gather in Guangzhou city. Fire is extinguished.

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