НовостиЛента новостейThe Russians again lead on Sambo competitions in Universiade

The Russians again lead on Sambo competitions in Universiade

15.07.2013 19:00

The second day of sambo in Kazan responded again a scattering of gold medals of the Russian national team. Today Israel, Japan, Mongolia and other countries also showed beautiful fight.

Schlesinger Alice Hester, Israel: Its incredible, its exciting, like the Olympic games. And everything here is so good, organize. Kazan is beautiful, and very nice to be here. 

Anna Kharitonova, Russia: If it is true, I was worried at first, in the morning, because the first battle was with the Japanese woman, the second - the world champion of Turkmenistan. I wanted to win. Most importantly, I promised my husband to get a gold medal. 

Uali Kurzhey, Russia: World Championships, European Championships - you adjust to them. And here start is unknown, which has not happened. I have new emotions; i did not know how to present myself. It’s hard to tune mentally to such competitions. 

Schlesinger Alice Hester, Israel: They were all difficult and different. Each one have different techniques, it wasn’t an easy day today. 

Anna Kharitonova, Russia: I was in Beijing on the Olympics; the organization is like on the Universiade, no difference. But here the students are struggling, and on the Olympics there are more experienced sportsmen. And as for the organization all is the same. It’s a high level. I believe that some of the best athletes have come here. 

Who will be the absolutely leader of Universiade – let’s find out tomorrow!

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