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Sambo wrestlers will show themselves for the first time at the Universiade

13.07.2013 18:05

The sports world is focused in Kazan now. Universiade is held here. And for the first time in the history of the games 27 sports are included in the program. 5 of them are included for the first time. Sambo is also here. For three days, the curtain of the World Summer Universiade, the wrestlers from more than 40 countries will fight. The start is tomorrow. 

The whole city seems imbued with the atmosphere of the event. On the streets of Kazan, without stopping, there are national teams in various sports. For the convenience of the Universiade here you can travel by bus, taxis, there are specially designed excursions. In the city you can often see the logo competition with the slogan «U are the World. As an indispensable decoration of Kazan and the beloved subject for cameras of tourists - Uni, winged snow leopard. He is the symbol of the Republic of Tatarstan and at the same time Universiade mascot.

The tournament Sambo will be attended by 300 athletes. Of these, the maximum number of fighters was presented by Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Ukraine. The geography of participants covers all continents. Total 18 sets of medals (9 for men and women) will be played among the fighters. Certainly, the presence of Russian national sport of the Universiade gives opportunity to bring it to becoming an Olympic sport.

See the tournament on-line and special reports from Kazan on sambo.com and sambo.tv
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