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The World sambo Super Cup «Memorial A.Kharlampiev»

21.03.2013 19:00

The World sambo Super Cup “Memorial A.A. Kharlampiev” starts in Moscow. Fighters from more than 20 countries take part this year in the competition. Its one of the most prestigious tournaments and the leaders are still Russians.

2013 introduced some changes in the organization of the tournament. One of them is the awarding of winners of the last World Cup prize money.

Sergey Eliseev, European Sambo Federation President: We first tried this palace CSKA Moscow, here we have never conducted this level of competition. In principle, it is quite good, we liked. We modified the organization, opening slightly changed. committee is always looking for, so I think it's a good time, we are improving and find some new options for action.

Dalil Skalli, Moroccan sambo federation President: Good level, good organization. Thank you very much for invitation our country.

Also, there is a new trend among the winners. Despite the fact that Russia is firmly located in the lead, the Asian countries actively improve the position. In Europe, as noted by the judge, some recession, while Germany and France there is the development.

Yury Shoya, chief referee of the tournament: Now Russia occupies a leading position in Sambo in the world. Skill of many countries is leveled here. As usual, legislators, except Russia, were Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Now, countries such as Korea, Japan are very strong in their way to winners, they show a competent and strong fight.

And athletes from Kazakhstan are well-proven. Many of them failed to reach the podium at home on the World Cup stage for the prizes of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, but here, in Moscow, they showed the best result.

Beymbet Kanzhanov, Kazakhstan: The tournament takes place at a very high level. I had a difficult opponent from Georgia in the final. This year I was able to improve my score and win the gold medal. I'm pleased.

Athletes from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Japan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Korea, Romania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania and Azerbaijan went up on a podium on the results of two days of competition. Let me remind you, "Memorial A. Kharlampiev " is one of the 4 stages of the World Cup, its results will determine the winners in the team event in each weight category.

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