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21.03.2013 16:00

How will be SAMBO developed in America in the next four years? Which countries will join the ranks of champions? Finally, where are the illegal federations? Participants of the Pan- American SAMBO Congress will try to answer these and many others questions. The Congress is held this year in Dominican Republic.

The representatives of the Colombian SAMBO Federation were the ones who ignored such an event. Five representatives out of 7 its official Members have been presented. The 6th official Member - the Panama, provided its voice with the power of attorney. For the next for years Jack Kogan was reelected again as the President of the Pan-American SAMBO Federation. 

Leonardo Monsanto, President of SAMBO Federation of the Dominican Republic: Jack Kogan’s personality is very important for the SAMBO development in Pan-American region. We believe we can overcome the crisis, develop SAMBO and grow working with Jack.

Solar Punta Cana has become a point of reference, when the representatives of the legal SAMBO Federation in America began to fight against illegality. Rather the resistance began long time ago, but now it has taken a more serious scale.

Victor Sokolovski, Canadian SAMBO Federation President: We have many problems in SAMBO. I think we have to call an extraordinary congress. Because the problem is not only in the Pan-America, they are in Asia, Great Brittan and Africa. Those people who have expressed their views on the transparency of funding, transparency of supporting us and athletes from other countries. This is not about allocation of money, but it’s like a bribe, or simply, something to make the person to keep silent. I believe that first, this is undemocratic, and secondly, it's hurts SAMBO inside.

Victor Pirela, president of the Venezuelan SAMBO Federation: Creation of illegal SAMBO Federations is the main problem of Pan-America and around the world.

Jack Kogan, Pan-American SAMBO Federation President: The main point is: leadership of FIAS is not capable or not willing to solve these problems in democratic and legal way. 

SAMBO looses its credibility and image, therefore the public interest is lost not because SAMBO is uninteresting sport. The problem is in the internal problems created by FIAS leadership. Pan-American SAMBO Federation leaders seek the way out of this dreadful situation. For example, they have attracted Hollywood stars and prominent political figure for sponsorship.

Alfredo LaMont, USA, Member of AASF: I will try to bring together all of the recognized national SAMBO federations on this continent. Everybody wants to work for improvement and development of legalized SAMBO structure. And that’s the aim that we want to achieve here. 

By the way, Alfredo LaMont became a member of the Executive Committee of the Pan-American SAMBO Federation. Key factor was his experience in the international Olympic arena as well as the knowledge of 2 languages, the most common on the continent. Secretary General of Dominican Republic SAMBO Federation Eliseo Romero also accepted congratulations as the treasurer. And the new technical director Jessee Diaz took office.

Leonardo Monsanto, President of SAMBO Federation of the Dominican Republic: The country now has the opportunity to participate in international events and championships SAMBO by working with Eliseo Romero.

Also 9 applications for membership in the Pan-American SAMBO Federation came. But none of them was satisfied because of incomplete state registration documents in their countries. In the future, the management of the Pan-Am Federation plans to promote SAMBO activities to register in their country.

Alfredo LaMont, USA Member of AASF: Most countries of Latin America they have good athletes. They just need some help to organize and develop SAMBO. Our organization, the Pan-American SAMBO Federation would be able to help them to develop coaches, referees, administrators. They will be able to do great job in order to form and grow good athletes. 

The outcome of the Congress was not only chosen course in the struggle for legitimacy, but also planned to for the SAMBO development of National Federation for the next 4 years. After all the discussions, the meeting signed a collective letter.

Jack Kogan, Pan-American SAMBO Federation President: Taking in to consideration all the letters from Pan-American SAMBO national Federations sent to FIAS without any respond, and negative atmosphere created by its leadership, it was approved collective letter to express distrusted to FIAS leadership. 16:28 16:31 This letter was signed by all participating in Congress Sambo federations and was justify by public notary of the Dominican Republic. He checked the legality of all documents presented by the national SAMBO federations. 

Victor Pirela, president of the Venezuelan SAMBO Federation: We want our protest to be heard by FIAS and all National SAMBO Federations around the world.

Leonardo Monsanto, President of Dominican Republic SAMBO Federation: Everything that happened today on the Congress will be presented to the press and will be broadcast on the Dominican Republic television, which will also give us the opportunity to strengthen our position.

All participants of Pan-American SAMBO Federation Congress have voted and approve the appeal to the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) regarding all violations of the Statute made by the FIAS leadership. 

Letter of appeal has been already sent to the International SAMBO Federation. And if it will be still ignored, then the next level will be directly to the court.

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